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January 06, 2010


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Oh yay! Can't wait!

Could you be more blessed!!! Just love it.

oooooh, she is so cute! And yes, it is SO much fun. :-).

So cute! I know *exactly* how you feel :) Sadie is 2.5 and the girl stuff still feels like a novelty to me.

Oh, so sweet, Jamie! Brings back memories of my girls when they were around one. So happy that your sweet girl is enjoying her dolls. Wish you could bring her up to Chicago for a playdate.

I'm afraid to hope for that experience a year+ from now. I have a niece now that I'll get to play with and sew and knit for. But with #3 on the way and two boys so far, every person I've seen has said they're hoping for a girl for me and I don't want to disappoint them or myself if we have a third son growing in there. There could very well be a child #4 or 5 or 6 in our future and I'd like to think that a daughter would eventually be part of our family regardless of who this current child is.

Jamie, I could have written this post! I have a daughter after two boys and have so enjoyed seeing exactly what you write about.

This may sound corny, but watching my daughter mother her babies (she's almost 4 now) has given me a whole new perspective on my own motherhood. I am sometimes pre-occupied by making sure my husband does as much of the nurturing part of parenting as I do. Or feeling bothered that I seem to care more about being home when the boys get off the bus/tucking the kids in at night/hearing all about their friends than he does. Seeing the stark differences between my daughter and sons reminded me that human males and females are very innately different beings. I rest easier in and better embrace my role as the nurturing parent. I learned from my daughter that I was made for this work.

Oh, and who knew that play kitchens are for pretending to cook? I thought they were for storing hot wheels cars and anchoring forts. The things we learn! :-)

Very cute photos! My poor grandmother used to try to get my sister and I to play with dolls but to no avail! Well...Barbie sometimes but I don't think it's the same.

I also had a friend who collected baby dolls and always wanted to play "house". She'd select a doll and then we'd get into an argument b/c I wanted her stuffed Raccoon to be my "child" :D

Oh, yay. Yes, my daughter (2 1/2) loves babies, but lately she's been into very intense character play--her animals arguing and deciding to go on an adventure together, or (lately) retelling the Cinderella or Three Bears story with the aid of whatever dolls and animals happen to be lying around nearby--in a way I don't remember her older brother being. It is fun.

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