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December 20, 2009


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Beautiful. I've been enjoying your thoughts through this Advent season.

I thought we were the only ones crazy enough to read those books to our 5 year old! My dad got them in England when Peter was 2 months old and we've finally started looking at them. We have the Dickens one and The Odyssey/The Iliad and I think one with a bunch of Greek myths. I feel a little silly writing on Peter's kindy reading sheet that we read "A Tale of Two Cities" in one night. Peter really enjoys them -- I'm not sure how much he gets, but since he's reading these days, I figure that if I read the main words, he can follow along with the thought bubbles.

I'm still shocked anyone else owns them -- I've never seen them in the States.

I've been enjoying your O antiphon posts, too :)

Our kids all enjoy them. It's not like we have to say, "Now we're going to sit down and read the Iliad" -- they ask to hear the stories. She does a great job respecting the integrity of the stories while also making them kid-appropriate. We also found them in the UK first, but have purchased others since we came back to the US.

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