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December 13, 2009


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Seasonal expective disorder - I love that one. It's an easy disease to catch.

I hope I didn't offend you, Jamie. You are more than welcome to have SED/SAD and to dig in, own it. I am the last person to tell you that you MUST be happy or joyful - I'm much more interested in real feelings. I felt like you were telling ME that I had to feel sad, too, though, and I disagree there.

(This is probably more appropriate to a private email than a comment, but I'm lazy: I have found admittedly low-level of SAD ameliorated a bit by large doses (2000 IU/day) of vitamin D. Worth a shot?)

Oh, no, Linda, you didn't offend me; you just made me think.

Thanks for the tip, Tall Kate!

Season expective disorder! Brilliant. I find that one thing that's helping me a little is to think a little more about what makes the season feel right to me, and then plan those things...and then actually take a minute to recognize that I got what I wanted/needed, even if it was busy, or came amid a flurry of everything else. Is it importnt to sing Messiah with my chorus? Heck, yes, and I did it, in spades. Is it important to begin teaching the Boy about Advent and Christmas? Yes - and so maybe we aren't doing it with the calm and concentration that I'd like...but we lit candles last night. And this year, there's a little voice in my head that's doing a better job of saying, "Wake up: this is the one of those Moments you've been hoping for, however small and fleeting. Remember it, and remember to appreciate it later on when you somebody asks you how your Advent is going."

And I love your observation: the fruit of the spirit is still joy. If my grumpiness is self-indulgent crabbitude, then I need to make sure I'm not taking the penitential seasons of Lent and Advent as excuses. Thank you for the reality check. =)

Intrigued: sing today's (yesterday's) first reading?

I loved both of these posts, Jamie. But "old blog" is what really caught my eye. Old blog? I've only read you here....are your old archives still up? Do tell!

...just found you (via Bonny Glen i think). love your humor and insight and faith. and that breastfeeding post linked to in the side-bar? one of the best i've ever read. i'd like to see a link to old archives as well...if they're available : )

peace keep you.

I'm new here via Arwen. I confess I've thought about your last post for days. So thanks for that! Most of what I read online is not such a keeper.

I have a real problem with anyone telling me what Christmas/the season should be to me. I resent it mightily. I have my own groove and it's right for me.

You know, we have a zillion choices just to buy a tube of toothpaste. Why should there be only one correct/right/proper way to feel Christmas? I like that you find a little rigor in it that many do not see. Maybe you will always feel this way, maybe you won't. I certainly don't think you are hurting anyone, and I enjoyed the different viewpoint on it.

Looking very forward to enjoying your blog posts to come! I don't blog, but try to be an enthusiastic commenter wherever and whenever I feel moved to do so.

Kristin: in college I learned a fun upbeat setting of last week's reading from Zephaniah. Can't find it online to share, though.

Old blog: I had a different blog from '04-'06. I shut it down before I went back to grad school. No archives online, sorry. I keep thinking about re-posting some pieces of it here, because I was a better blogger in those days. Haven't done it yet, though.

Kort and Celeste, thanks for stopping by. Nice to hear from you.

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