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December 23, 2009


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Holy cow - what an adorable tribute. Stella is so lucky to have such a loving older brother!

My goodness, but he's an amazing writer. He writes like Winston Churchill. Just amazing. I can tell he's your son.

Wonderful tribute.

Ohh, that is wonderful (sniff.)

I love his writing. His affection is so clear and obvious. And I just love how blooming kid-writers deploy those fifty-cent words, like "euphoric" and "thereof" and "replicated" and "production." I'm grateful you got permission to repost.

oh, big brother! what a great writer! having siblings close by is one of my favorite reasons to homebirth...here's our girl welcoming her brother.


happy birthday, Stella!

Oh my goodness. So, so sweet. It made me teary.

Quite good, and heartfelt, and loving. Quite a nice commentary on your family, I would say. Happy birth giving day to you, and happy Birthday to your little lady!

I'm melting! What a lovely gift to Stella on her special day!

Wonderfully touching! Thank you so much for sharing, such a beautiful tribute to his little sister.

You must feel very proud of him and your brood. :-)

And I can't believe I forgot to wish a Most Happy Birthday to your girl and a Blessed second year of life!

That's the best thing I've read in quite some time. What a dear boy you have, Jamie!

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