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December 02, 2009


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Gorgeous sweaters! That's a lot of knitting. Also, a lot of CDs. You must be a musical family.

Those sweaters are just charming. Maybe you two can have some nice framing type photos taken of the two of you wearing them? I bet wee Stella would really cherish them when she is older.

I wast thinking the same thing. Photos in frame will make a lovely keepsake.

And you two are positively adorable!

So adorable!

Beautiful! Both of you! And both of your sweaters. Great work.


The sweaters are great!!!

And I also love your pants...I hardly notice your bulging knees... ;)

Great sweaters! You are just so talented. I don't know how you find the time.

Thanks, everybody. :-)

My 2-year-old loved the picture of your daughter. She said, "Mama, dat baby HAPPY!" They are lovely pictures of both of you!

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