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November 25, 2009


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Amazing. I want to bookmark this page so if I ever have to deal with this I will have the information at hand. But I am going to hope with all sincerity that I never have to.

I have never had lice. I pray to God we never do. I may have butchered my own chickens, shoveled out chicken coops and calf pens, and buried dead and decaying animals in all stages of decomposition, but do not think I am constitutionally strong enough to handle lice. Yikes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for this post! It came on just the right day! Lice treatment options are limited where I live and even though Cetaphil is crazy expensive here, I'm going for it! We've been fighting lice for a couple of weeks now and I'm ready for an end to it!

Ugh, I had a TERRIBLE lice infestation as a child, humiliating in the extreme as it was discovered when I went for a haircut (the first time by myself) and the haircutter let me sit in the chair for hours with no explanation. I think she was trying to be kind and wait til the shop was empty to tell me why she couldn't cut my hair, but wow – traumatizing.

I had them again as an adult (who worked with kids) – again diagnosed by a hairstylist, but a much more sensitive one, and I have to admit that confronting and vanquishing the little horrors as a grownup helped heal some of the wounds from the childhood experience. But I still wouldn't recommend it. I didn't know about Cetaphil, but I will certainly use that method if my daughter ever gets them.

What is it that makes them so creepy? We get bitten my mosquitos all the time but it's not so horror-inducing. Even fleas don't seem so bad. Is it something about how intimate hair is?

@Maria, perhaps it's that they stay on us? Not sure. Anyway. I helped a single father friend deal with his son's lice years ago and am still not done shuddering. I linked to this on my weekly roundup (post is under my name) because this info needs to be shared far and wide! :>) Thanks!!

i totally feel your pain with this.. im also a single father and there was this one time that my son had
head lice, i tried to treat if for 5 months until i got so frustrated that i shaved his head, luckily he was all for it.

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