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October 01, 2009


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P.S. This was Pete-specific advice, because he is a really cooperative kid most of the time. It's unusual for him to disagree with a teacher like that. I have two children who do not need any encouragement whatsoever to negotiate, and I would have tackled it differently with them.

See, I wondered if this might have been the case. I would have bet money that the teacher had gotten into trouble in the past, rightly or wrongly, for letting kids play outside on a chilly day with no coat.

CYA-type actions are annoying, but I have sympathy for people who feel they MUST CTA.

we have the same policy, from a way back from an old askmoxie post- we tell our kid(s) that they don't have to kiss/hug/whatever anyone they don't want to- i often suggest if they'd like to hi-5 that would be ok- because we really want them to feel that their body is their own! and adults don't get to tell them what to do with it! (except mom/dad/dr, if appropriate).

sounds like you all handled it well, which is good.

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