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October 19, 2009


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Wow, so much going on!! We don't have a water heater, but a pressure tank for the well water which will need replacement sometime... I love *not* having a water heater (we have hot water baseboard heat) and having heated water on demand... too bad that because of the luxury of being able to take loooong showers I force myself to do it only every other day. :-( (I feel very guilty for polluting the environment with our oil heater).

"BAD: I am fielding emails from students unhappy about their midterm grades, including one who challenged every single point I docked."

One of my legal writing students reported me to the Dean last semester because she didn't agree with the grade she earned on her final Brief. She also didn't agree with her final grade, period. I don't know what she expected; all the deans are also lawyers, so she didn't get anywhere and they upheld the grades. Stay strong!

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