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September 04, 2009


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Ugh, the sellers of the house we own did NOT tell us about the mouse problem before we purchased it. After we moved in, we found a few mouse traps in the basement but didn't think anything of it.

And then, about a month later, the cats started leaving mousy "presents" in the living/dining room. They were always whole, and always dead, but I was totally grossed out by it. Mice! Hantavirus! Icky!

So we spent that entire fall caulking and ferretting out the little holes to the outside world. We thought we found them all, but then this summer, two more mice arrived. We were baffled.

Then, in August, we decided to sell the house. We cleaned out EVERYTHING, including this little under-the-stairs closet that we'd really never touched. The old owners had left carpet remnants in there. Guess where the mice were breeding and living? Oh it was awful.

Anyway, all that is to say: I concur with your opinion on both lice and mice.

Lice are an awful thing to deal with, and on 5 kids! Yikes! I congratulate you heartily on your ability to even COPE. That is an interesting question about why lice are SO MUCH creepier than other similar parasites… maybe it's because they actually live and breed on your head, hidden in your hair, close to so many sensitive orifices? Mosquitos and fleas have a nice meal and hop off, and ticks don't generally attack in large numbers, but lice are numerous and set up housekeeping. YUCK.

Can you tell I've had them a few times? I'm dreading when it's my daughter's turn.

As for mice - also yuck. I moved into a new house this summer and there are mice here. Bold, brazen, clever mice who have been completely unfazed by my feeble and pathetic trapping attempts. I have recently acquired two kittens whose entire purpose in life (I fervently hope) is to run the little suckers out of my home!

Mice are yuck to me, too, but since we live in an NYC apartment building, you have to get used to a certain level of coexistence with pests, since they are pretty much ineradicable. We have a cat who keeps the mice at bay, and the roaches seem to be staying away right now too.

My personal horror: bedbugs. They are epidemic here right now. Shudder.

Feeling for you!! My kids have had lice twice, so I know your pain. The second time was the week after we moved here, and I discovered them right after we spent a whole day with my first new friend in this town. At her house. I had to call her and tell her I'd probably passed lice along to her home and her six children. Ouch. We had driven cross country, a ten-day journey for me & the five kids, and I'm betting we picked them up somewhere along the way. :::shudder:::

I liked the LiceMeister comb (LOL, really) best of all the types of treatments we tried. The time commitment, as you said, is tremendous! Here's hoping you've conquered them for sure.

My head itches now!

This whole subject squicks me out, not least because I'm convinced that we'll get lice now, just by association.

We have carpet beetle larvae at the moment, and they don't bite, but they do live under the bed and they eat yarn.

I'm with electriclady: it's the bedbugs that have me on edge these days. (Shudder)

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