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September 05, 2009


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I digress - fine in a blog post. I gather school has started?

K starts teaching again on Thursday. I have enjoyed the past 3 weeks with him home and not teaching. More importantly, not grading. And he does have a grader, but some things have to be done by him alone.

Digress all you want in a blog post. Digress until the cows come home in a blog post. I like digressing in blog posts. Not such a fan of it in essays to be graded.

oh that just made me laugh! especially since i am sitting here trying to focus on doing my own revisions on this chapter due to my committee tuesday and being distracted by all the planning/doing i have for youth group kickoff in roughly a week!!

my adviser calls what i do "writing myself into clarity" - he is not wrong!

i'm still praying for you and your work and a speedy end to your infestations- pray for me that i can focus to get these revisions done by dinner and the youth group work done tomorrow!

HA! Sounds like my life!

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