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September 22, 2009


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Now, that's interesting because nine months on towards two years is my absolute favorite age. The first months are so dicey, and I worry all the time. But ~9-24 is so magical.

Mind, I've never tried to write a dissertation whilst mothering a 9-24 month old, so there's that.

Glad to have a name for that bad habit of mind...

Thanks for the warning, Jamie. I am loving the current stage - 8 months with no crawling yet. Mobility is imminent (and teething ongoing), so I will brace myself for the upcoming onslaught...

So I've got 3 more months of relative peace, then it really hits the fan around here, is that what you're saying?

Jamie, I completely 100% agree with you! My oldest is 8 and I still haven't hit a stage that was harder for me than crawling-18 mos. As my kids get older, I realize that my parenting style is more hands-off. I like being above the fray and seeing the kids work things out on their own. I think that was what made those months so stinking hard for me-- it's impossible to be hands-off with a newly mobile baby. It's just *so* exhausting. I'm feeling your pain, hang in there!

I'll tell you what puzzles me the most about this. If it were possible to get hours of your life back, why in the world would you want hours from the purgatory of junior high?

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