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August 29, 2009


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just shudder.

though I've heard vasoline works. try everything safe before a buzz cut!

shuddering for you.

Yikes. I never had lice growing up and the pervasiveness of this pest completely overwhelms me. It can get in bedding, pillows, carpet, furniture, EVERYTHING.

I've heard mayo works well, too.

I pray to God that this pest never comes to my house. I lack the stamina to beat it.

I would shave everyone's head, burn all the furniture and move. No, not really, but I know, as one who is itching after just reading this, that I would be on edge for about a year after something like that.

You mean everyone is infested and so are all of your frequent visitors? Astonishing and terrible.

It does explain the bloodsuckers in the back-to-school section of the craft store, though.

I've had lice courtesy of my kids before. I used a comb dipped in pine-sol. Dip and rinse after every stroke. It sounds gross, but it worked. I also put thick conditioner on my head, slapped a shower cap on it and let it sit while I combed out everyone else's head.

Good luck!

oh you poor thing...this really puts my past week of vacationing with my uncle with spiked-up dementia (now with extra nudity and insomnia!) in perspective. i hope you take every home remedy and blast those damn parasites into oblivion!

So sorry you're dealing with this!

Forgive my geekiness, but I'm reminded of an early episode from Star Trek: Enterprise. Two crewmen down on a Strange New World get a scare from a local creature. One says to the other, "Are we allowed to blast alien life forms?" His friend replies, "When they're in your sleeping bag, hell yeah."

Good hunting!

Oh, yikes. I worked in a preschool when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and got lice. I didn't use the otc poison -- my ob-gyn prescribed something that he said was safe for use during pregnancy. It happened in my first trimester when I was bone-weary all the time but I still vacuumed everything that couldn't be washed or bagged up, every night for three weeks.

I feel for you -- I have not been through it since having kids (and stuffed animals and oh, ick!) I'm so sorry!

YIKES!!!! I'm so sorry about your ordeal. I hope you can find a way to get rid of the pests without having to get rid of your curls in the process :-(

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