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August 30, 2009


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If you're done with the booties and don't want to save them for the baby box, I'd cannibalize them and use them for the socks (if you're that close on yardage). And I wouldn't rewash it if you don't want to. I don't think you need to be that specific. Any crimpiness will be relaxed when you wash the finished sock.

Of course, if you don't want to frog the booties, then I'd just order another skein and do one sock in one skein, the other in the next skein. If there is a dramatic difference it will matter less if it's on two different socks.

Keep us posted on what you choose! By the way, where did you get the green yarn? I was thinking about knitting a pair of socks for my brother who is in Iraq. They don't wear green camo, and I don't know how much wool is appreciated in the desert, but perhaps it would be worthy of a comic gift.

I've frogged pieces and cannibalized the yarn. Whether you need to wash it depends on how tightly it was knit in the first place. You can probably pull it out by hand, wind the yarn into a loose ball, and any remaining crimpiness in the yarn will sort itself out. Otherwise you can just dip it in cold water and that will take care of it.

And, eh, I've never had such terrible color variation (especially in variegated colors like that one) that I thought the project was ruined. So if you want to, you could just order another ball of yarn. The problem I HAVE run into is that the "pooling effect" might be different in each sock.

Thanks for the input, ladies. Sarah, the camo-looking green yarn is a locally-produced alpaca blend -- probably even less desert-friendly than wool. But if you want some, email me and I'll see if my LYS still has it.

I absolutely wouldn't wash it… it will relax, wool is wonderful. If you order another skein and the colors are not exactly the same and IF that bothers you (I'm not sure it would bother me), you can knit alternate rows (or rounds) from each skein, or you can knit both legs from one skein and both feet from the other so it looks like a Design Element.

Please show us pictures of the finished projects!

I don't knit, but I wear socks, and I can tell you that the skeins not matching each other perfectly WOULD NOT BOTHER ME IN THE LEAST.

So I say, order another skein, and if you don't like the results you can send me the socks in exchange for my good advice.

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