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August 28, 2009


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Lice tips - skip the poison and go for physical removal. We used a combination of Burts Bees conditioner (because it is thick) mixed with baking soda, plus nit comb and lots of time in front of the TV to keep the kid calm. I only had one with nits, but her hair was thick and down to her waist. Not fun.

After the comb through we washed with shampoo, and applied tea tree oil to her scalp. This was an error - it is too strong and irritated her skin. A better choice would have been to mix tea tree oil with conditioner and apply that. I opted for that approach later in the year when there was another lice scare at our school. I left the conditioner/tea tree oil in her hair for a couple of days before shampooing again.

Tea tree oil is a nice lice repellant, and you can get it at your local pharmacy.

You should also launder the sheets and pillows in hot water. If there are any soft toys that the kids sleep with, put them in a garbage bag for a couple of days. Lice can't live too long without blood, so if you isolate the items that might harbor the little beasties they will die in about 48 hours.

This post was hilarious!!! I'm trying to imagine your house and it seems like this would be a great scene in a movie.

I'm sorry to be laughing at your misfortunes, really I am. But you present them in such a way that begs me to join in with laughter. Which I have. Again, sorry. Mostly because I have no lice tips due to not being part of this mothering gig for enough years yet to have been exposed. So when I start lamenting our own lice infestation, feel free to laugh. I hope your little crew of bloody kiddos is clean and nit free soon.

No lice tips. In 15 1/2 years of mothering I have not had to deal with them yet. (and why do I have an almost uncontrollable urge to find some wood and knock on it now? shudder. shriek.)

First aid and boy scouts - I have to laugh. But then I remember how earnestly my then 12 yo told me that he had learned first aid at scout and yet, he seemed to be a bit... clueless in some areas. I suggested to the assistant scoutmaster (my husband) that they needed to review some things.

Somehow after a few years, he is now truly proficient in first aid and emergency preparedness.

Hope all turns out well for your long haul prayer requests. I will pray.

Thank you for reminding me of the feast day....
We'll be praying for you...

Vaseline! Just goop it on, covering all hair, and leave it on for 24 hours. It can be covered with plastic bags or shower caps to protect furniture and pillows. The lice (and nits) suffocate. Then lice comb. Or, with boys, you can just do a buzz-cuts-all-round. Hot water for linens, and a new vacuum bag before and after THOROUGH vacuuming. You'll hate it, but your house will be pristine...

Cetaphil, nice and non-toxic.


your last two sentences on this #5 as well- me, too! weird.

So if both my children girls with LONG hair have lice along with myself, and we just returned from six weeks of a very stressful separation from my husband, and my excellent vacuum cleaner motor blows up and extinguishes last night, then what? I can't tell which urgency is most important at this point. Comb nits since we all have been treated? Keep washing laundry in HOT water? Go fix the vacuum? Which has the greatest return on investment? The only thing I can think of is to pray. And thank God that I have a washer/dryer (first week) instead of the laundromat of the past few years and an amazingling patient 15-year-old who takes the time to comb her little sister and shrink wrap bugs in packing tape.

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