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July 10, 2009


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{{Jamie}} what a scary moment.

I pray that the memory will dim quickly, and I'm grateful for this lifeguard's vigilance as well.

Oh, how scary. Reading this made me cry. I'm so glad everyone is okay.


What a terrifying moment. Hopefully it'll only spark him on to learn what to do, rather than scare him away altogether.
Although, at this point, I'd be hard pressed to let him back in the water, myself :)

How frightening. It's such a terrifying thought to even imagine.

I'm so glad that this lifeguard was watching and was so quick to retrieve him. So glad.

Jamie, this happened to me last week -- the 3-year-old went down a slide at the waterpark before I could catch him and he landed in 3 feet of water. I watched the whole thing in slow motion and he kept going up and down as I tried to run (in water!) towards him. Luckily another mom (NOT the lifeguard. Grrrr) grabbed him and pulled him out. Holy cow. SO scary.

Oh my goodness...I am so glad that he is ok. How incredibly scary for you, Jamie.

god bless her- and prayers of thanksgiving that all is well- but that fear? of losing oneself underwater? is paralyzing to me, and now to add my fear for my children, ugh. i have grown up near the ocean my whole life, have had swim lessons since i was a wee one (for my kids, too) and still- there is no comprehension of the power of water and helplessness you really have in that situation.

i will consider this a very large success for you and your family this week!

So frightening. It's hard to let go of that sort of thing--it's the equivalent of watching your worst nightmare unfold before your eyes.

oh dear, I would have been terrified! I really have to get my sons to learn to swim SOON! I cannot afford lessons, though :-(

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