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June 14, 2009


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And I thought it was bad with 2 sons under age 6! When I had one son using the toilet, I rarely found puddles, but I think having a younger brother peeing left and right has inspired him to pee here and there too. Argh.

This cracked me up. I have one almost-3-year-old boy and 1 husband. The pee is not terrible but there is definitely an issue with the boy (the husband, not so much). He does get distracted, but he's also practicing. I can tell he enjoys seeing how he can aim it. "What if I don't hold it?" or "What if I kind of lay it on the side of the bowl?" Arrrgh.

This was perfectly hilARious! For some reason, I lost it at about 'let fly on the floor' and had to calm myself long enough to concentrate on the rest of the essay. Wonderful!

Too funny. I have 3 boys and a girl on the way...we live with the pee on the floor, and all over the toilet seat. I'm about to give up on the little rugs that hug the bottom of the toilet.

Your post is so timely! I just remarked to my husband yesterday that I understand now why moms of boys complain so much about the bathroom! It always reeks of pee. ugh. (We only have one boy and he's just been potty--maybe that should say bathroom since it doesn't always make the potty--trained)

My husband is a saint though because I never once had an inkling...apparently he's a great aimer. He credits the beatings from his Mama. God love her!

so funny- my husband's mom has 4 boys- all men now, but i wonder how their poor bathroom managed...i will say she instilled the rule "toilet seat down" very, very well. thanks for the laugh on a morning when it was really needed!!

Oh Dear! Sigh, it did make for a tragicomic post, though... :-(

oh yes... I have 2 boys and a husband and they all miss at times.I have a 7 yo who pees in other rooms though on purpose... anybody ever have that?

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