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June 26, 2009


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Yuck on the glistening. I despise glistening. I'd rather be rosy cheeked with cold any day. I can layer tons of cozy blankets or babies on top of me to warm up, but when you're naked in the heat there's just nothing left to remove for comfort.

Free Repair thoughts heading your way. Just glisten at the repairmen and hope they admire it. But stay far enough away from them so they don't fling their perspiration on you. Gross.

a) That's some hair.

b) Sorry about the AC. My weather guy up here (Boston-ish) said something about how the next few days would be warm and humid instead of cold and damp, and wanted to know, "Isn't that better?" because it's, you know, summer? And all I could think was, "Are you insane?"

On the topic of kicks in the pants, my husband and I have been mumbling about a kitchen update and bath redo for, oh, I don't know, 5 years? Since we bought the place?

Our house got struck by lightning 3 months ago and guess what? We get our kitchen redo!

Not exactly the way we were thinking it would go, but sometimes a little kick is what you need.

You may need to pour some bleach into the a/c drain if it seems to be clogging and leaking.

Spray the mildewy parts of the basement with 2 parts vinegar, 1 part bleach solution and it should stay gone (this is also good for mold abatement, it changes the pH so it can't grow back).

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