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May 20, 2009


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Woo hoo! That's awesome.

I think that your dissertation sounds amazing...from the tiny little bit I know. A few years ago I started becoming more interested in the nuances of language acquisition. I had started trying to learn Hindi and was laughing at myself often as I was realizing how similar what I was doing was to what my 2 year old nephew was doing...except he was better at it than me!

wow!! that is so wonderful!!

also, thank you for pointing out that we hit a point of saturation even on our best days of being productive. it's so true.

so is your semester over? mine is, i was planning on taking a few day break from all of it to play catch up on everything else in my life that has been desperately neglected, and of course came down with a terrible cold which has had me flat on my back for days- not the rest i had hoped for! and then back to work again!

Your dissertation posts kind of scare me. I have one more year of course work before I begin my own dissertation. My summer homework is to come up with a topic. Eep. (Something to do with Catholic sacred music in the last 50 years, but trying to keep it in musicology territory and not veer off into theology or sociology.)

Right now, though, I'm just enjoying my first full week of summer vacation, and trying to get my house in order so that I can get my brain in order.

This post reminded me of when the little boy I child mind was telling a story about himself, his sister and a dragon. He's three, and this was my favourite line
"Sam and Rosie looked around and they saw a BIG BIG BIG ickle dragon" (ickle being 'little')

That's great news my friend!! I'm so excited about your progress!

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