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May 10, 2009


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as I sit here with my very real Mother's Day going on... some good, mostly not fun... I'll just say that I don't write much of the hard stuff sometimes. And then I just don't write anything after a while.

If I did, I'd say that I'm thinking about walking away from the Internet entirely. I have unsubbed from an e-mail group I was in for years and years, and am thinking of dropping my FB page and my blog as well. I have nothing fun and light to offer anymore. and I don't feel like I'm being entirely real anywhere, with anyone.

anyway, I am not sure I can reveal the real right now. and even think I've revealed too much in this comment.

This is precisely the reason I post the passage from Velveteen Rabbit every Mother's Day. The part about becoming real, and how it hurts, and you get a little shabby. I use my blog to remind myself that despite the frustrating chaotic nature of my life, there are beautiful things happening every day.

So yeah, yesterday was a bad day, not supposed to happen on Mother's Day, but really every day is Mother's Day, really. Some are good, but most are a toss up. It is up to me what I choose to take from one day into the next, and I try to choose the good parts. Try being the operative word here.

Lovely post, Jamie, and very, very real.

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