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April 18, 2009


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Hello, Jamie. I think I know you ;-).

Hi, Jamie! :)

Hi Jamie! I liked reading you before, and I still like reading you now. I think the 5 kids, red curly hair and brilliant breastfeeding posts make it harder to hide in cyberspace. CJ suits you too.

Hello! Waving! I think Jamie suits you. It goes with your hair. And the socks.

Hi, Jamie!

I've been ever so thankful that way back when you got rid of your old blog, you let me know about your new double-super-secret blog. Even though I am just a stranger from cyberspace. Because I really enjoy reading your stuff.

Hi Jamie! I don't know you (in real life) but I loved your old blog and I love this one too. Oh, and great new photo up top!

Hi Jamie.

I agree with what "bearing" said above.

I particularly liked your last post, the one on lead paint. I forwarded it to several like-minded friends.

Hi Jamie! You know, I think we may have met someplace once before. . .

The lines are always a little unclear, especially when you don't know who is reading and you DO know that nothing on the internet every truly goes away. But I'm glad that now we can all use your name.

You know I knew who you are before you said who you are..... Man, this gets complex! Hi, Jamie!

Hi Jamie. I think I know you. :)

Hi Jaime!

What bearing said! It's odd, the friends and acquaintances we make in blogging. A fun kind of odd, though.

Or even Jamie! Still, having a name that means 'I love you' if you mistype it is rather lovely, don't you think?

Hi Jamie... It's good to be able to say your name again. I just wish some of the old blog could be available, especially the birth stories. But you already know that I feel that way ;-)

The thing is, I wasn't able to read a lot of the archives after I became a regular there, so I feel sad for what I didn't and couldn't follow... Anyway, as a fellow blogger using my first name (although I am foolish enough to use my sons'names), I do welcome the return of your first name to the blog!

Hi, everybody! Nice to hear from you all!

I never meant for this to be a super-secret blog. In fact, kind of the opposite -- I wanted to keep a blog that I'd feel comfortable telling people in my real life about. I'm glad you wanted to keep reading!

Hi Jamie! ditto bearing, Tall Kate etc. Thanks for the lead paint post, too :)

Tall Kate, I think I know *you*, lol!

Amanda (once from MA)

Hi Jamie
Have to get used to that I think - it doesn't fit my image of you but its a nice name.
I don't know you and I live in UK so we are unlikely to meet but I enjoy reading your blog. Not least becasue you are from a different Christian background to me. Keep going please. I love reading abou t you and your family.

Hi Jamie,
Thank you for your blogs - both this one and the old one. I found you at the old one when another blogger linked to your birth story, in which you talk about experiencing your son's birth as experiencing the Grace of God. I was so hurt by my daughter's traumatic birth and so moved by your story. I hadn't had the words to say it before then, but that is what I had hoped for and felt cheated of. Reading your blog helped me process that.

In a neat twist, you and I were pregnant (roughly) together. Last October, I had my son. He will be the last baby in this house, so I felt like I was walking a tightrope - wanting what I wanted before while being aware I might not get it, again. So far, everything about having this baby has been restorative, including being sick with you.

I have kept and will keep reading because you are a thoughtful woman and mother. You are smart and funny, and many of your posts challenge me and/or teach me. Also, you write honestly about your problems with with laundry. Thank you.

Hi Jamie!
I read the old blog, now the new one. Love the stories about kids and the posts about faith. Also I have appreciated your posts on breastfeeding - they were one of the things that made nursing my son till he was 3 seem normal.


Glad to have you here in blog world. Love keeping up with your life here.


Hi Jamie,

I had gathered from scattered archives in blog-land that you had an earlier blog, but I didn't start reading until this one. My loss! Anyway, I love reading about your family and aspire to your levels of productivity and time management. :)

You're a wonderful writer and, I suspect, a kindred spirit. Always a treat to stumble across one of those!

No matter what name you use, I always enjoy your writing.

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