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April 30, 2009


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Oh my gosh, so romantic and sweet - in reference to your husband. It made me remember times that I ran down to my college mailbox to find a card or letter from my now-husband.

I think we might be living parallel lives. My second son is the same: very smart, illegible writing. Rather than doing writing in class, however, he would touch whomever or whatever was nearest him and cause disturbance. His eval put him on the spectrum for Aspergers, but I'm really not satisfied with that lable. He does not have emotional issues, just tactile ones, which seem to seep into social issues because he's so in people's space.

Anyway, my husband's writing is terrible too. Signs his name with an X--his doctor's signature, he says. But he did find it within him to write a few letters as well, when we were courting.

I love this post.

Thank you thank you for this post. My 8-year old is getting by because of his giftedness, but THIS is the issue we've been facing (without really facing it) too. I can't believe I missed it.


I love to see an envelope with your handwriting. And I have a box of letters on a basement shelf from my courtship with Eric. Somewhere, letters from you as well, though.

Thanks for the post, and please keep us updated.

Nicely said.

(Time to compose comment: three days)

But, but, but...
Has anyone ever tried to get them interested in making their handwriting better?

I mean, from a boy's point of view?

My boys don't have beautiful handwriting, but at some point they got interested and came up with something they liked and is moderately legible.

Try Dubay's Natural Handwriting, Italics...it's more manly...

It's okay to comment on a year-old post if you linked to it on your newest one, right?

I just wanted to say hi, from one woman who loves a man who hates to write to another. He's got overflowing gobs of smart, but he hates writing essays and especially hates writing things out by hand. Yet I have...*counts*...34 letters from him. None of them are 47 pages long, but 70+ pages carefully scribbled out over the course of 2 1/2 years are still precious to me.

I love his handwriting, too, crabbed as it is. He has a particular way of writing the capital I...he apologizes for talking about himself in his letters sometimes and I want to say, "It's okay, because I like looking at the way you write that letter as well as hearing about you."

That's all. Thanks for indulging my romantic moment.

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