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April 01, 2009


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She is ADORABLE. Love the picture with her adorable brothers, too.

I think you're right about your drive to finish, and you're right about figuring out your priorities. There's probably also something worth thinking about in terms of ease-of-working now vs. later: her second and third years will also fly by, but might involve fewer naps and long stretches when she's sacked out on the carpet staring at sunlight on the ceiling.

I don't know. My first instinct was to say, hell yes, just push back your finish date. But then I thought about that mobile-toddler-with-screamy-issues thing.

I don't think you'll be wrong no matter what you do, really.

i loathe this wrestling match of what-to-do. everytime i 'take a break' (never a real break, mind you, more doing all the other stuff that has piled up or come up that needs to be done as well) it just comes back to bite me that i put this on hold again- my problem is it's too easy to put things on hold! and a day turns into a week/month/semester. sigh.

even when i do take a 'break' (a real one, not working, just spending time with my family) i end up with the same problem- the stuff doesn't get done itself, and it just stresses me out more. i can't live like this! i need an intern! prayers for you! pray for me! i have a section to do this weekend that i have little guidance on, little idea how to start, and little chance of easy progress on. which is a recipe for procrastination!

Wow, she looks just like Elwood. Adorable!

Oh slow down, slow down, slow down:
So quiet down dust mops, chores go to sleep,
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures.

Glad to see your silence has been busy with such scrumptiousness.
(alright, I can't resist, but I kind of hope you won't take the bait if you're busy - I'm curious about your take on Rosin, Against Breastfeeding - not the ideology but er interpretation of the medical data).

Hmmm... as a fellow former dissertator and new mom, what can I say? My situation is completely different because I had my parents help me out for a grand total of 24 months, but I took a year off from dissertation work when Linton was born and only started to work on in in earnest when he was 15 months. And, as you may remember, I only finished and defended when he was practically 4, so... I guess I did slow down BIG TIME. I am with Jody, whatever you decide will be good for you and your family. You (and philosopher mom, who has 9 kids and a phd, 4 or 5 of the kids she had while getting the doctorate) are the real "Super women" one of my committee members said I was when she remembered all my academic milestones linked to my pregnancies.

Anyway... thanks for the updates!! She is LOVELY! and she does look A LOT like daddy and her brothers, but I think she looks like you too.

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