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February 27, 2009


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You're funny when you're overtired. Good luck with the clunk clunk clunking!

Man, this is one wacked-out post. You sure you haven't had too much coffee already? Or was that, like, Irish coffee?

Who, me?? Drinking Irish coffee at 9 in the morning? [she typed indignantly, while twitching visibly from the caffeine]

No, you can't blame me. I warned you. I said, "whatever you do, don't look at Scramble." Did you listen to me? Nooooo.


And since your high score is now exactly one point higher than mine, I am now getting sucked into the Scramble frenzy myself. It's all your fault. . . (Just kidding. So far I am sticking to my five-games-a-day limit. But now I feel extra competitive. Sigh.)

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