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February 04, 2009


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i think i should ditch the tv- it is a time suck! pnut helps me unload the dishwasher, and she 'cleans' the tub during bath time, and of course helps in many ways that if nothing else keeps me company while i do thankless chores. so that is nice.

so glad you are cruising along w/ your work- if i don't make significant progress this semester i will have to withdraw. please say a prayer for me for clarity of mind and ease of writing! (as i get back to work- so glad the break i took was for delicious baby pix! she is a beauty!)

did not see pink in those photos! But precious none the less. I loved the laundry one because it makes me feel at home.

I love the text message one because of all the sibling limbs and body parts casually crossing and touching each other.

What a beautiful family!

(And I feel extra-embarrassed about my lack of diss. productivity every time I read your blog these days.)

Oh, what great photos. You do know she looks just like you, right? JUST. I love that there's so much "floor time." Our youngest is walking now but we're still on the carpet for several hours a day. :)

The picture of the Stuffed Animal Bed has got to be the cutest thing ever. LOVE IT. Love your boys too -- they look like they are being GREAT big brothers to each other and to her.

How gorgeous they all are! CJ, I'm in awe of you and your ability to multi-task. Though it looks like the boys do a lot of helping by being good big brothers. Precious.

Awww, those are lovely!! thanks for sharing! I love the cell phone one too, particularly because see seems to be intently looking at the phone. In a few months they'll want to keep it away from her! ;-)

I love how you got the text together with the pictures. I wish blogger had this feature that we could hide the photos beneath a link... maybe it even does, but I've only seen this in typepad blogs. I should go get one, that's for sure!

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