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February 20, 2009


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Great post... no need to edit, really.

Anyway, here at our house, we value the Geekiness Quotient too ;-) (although I think my little one will be the odd one out with mama, papa, and older brother all geeks, he'll be the jock) and I loved this: that at your house "smarts are always in fashion and fashion is rarely viewed as smart" Good stuff.

Hmmm, I wish I could be your facebook friend. Most of my blogging friends are my friends at facebook (although I don't mention there that I blog -- even my former advisor is my contact!).

Well, I hope you can be productive and finish with great success even as your surprise baby girl grows.

I can TOTALLY empathize with how hard grading is.... doesn't it take a terribly long time? That's why I got totally in trouble in my online teaching at the for-profit institution which I don't like more (I've recently linked to it in a post if you're curious to know).


THIS is the word I've been trying to remember all weekend. I'm home since 11:10 and I am reading blogs in my reader instead of going to bed (but I can't sleep yet, it's hard to unwind after driving 4 hrs, KWIM?). And for some odd reason I was going to use this word in a sentence and I could not remember it!

And I'm home less than an hour and here it is! Yeah! Thanks ;-)

Is there a way to explain to our children that we are trying to build on their strengths and that everyone has different strengths/weaknesses?

I would also say that from my experience as a successful scholar with a younger, more challenging brother, my parents projected a whole lot of insecurities onto him that he just did not feel. Is it possible that the brother with the spelling challenges can compete in the bee at the start and then understand when/if he loses that he has done his best and that is enough?

rather than worry/even think about your status updates, just set up a friend list comprised of those you want to exclude from being privy to your status updates! works like a charm, i've done it to avoid having all of my neighbors/casual acquaintances involved in the nitty gritty!

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