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February 25, 2009


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The reality of the ashes never hits me so hard as it does when I see them above the bright eyes of one of my kids. If they, my emmisaries to the future, are dust, and to dust they shall return, well. Lord have mercy on us all.
I took three boys to Mass alone (plus one girl in utero, but one doesn't have to wrangle her), and I was wiped out. I like to tell myself that's partly because I'm a thousand weeks pregnant and still 4.5 weeks from my EDD and contracting everytime I walk more than ten feet. But it may just be that I'm a ways behind you in this learning deal. Plus my middle boy is part squirrel.

I think I misspelled emmisaries. Sorry.

I'm glad to hear someone went alone with their kids to Mass and it went well. We didn't make it to the second reading before the school's headmaster (politely) asked us to leave. Anyone selling mute buttons for toddlers?

Beautiful post, J.

oops, CJ.


I get the same sort of shock of horror at the sight of the ashes on my infant's head. It's ... revolting, I don't know what else to call it. As it should be.

i had to put ashes on my own kids heads as the pnut fah-reaked out over the idea of some stranger doing it and the bean was thankfully sleeping. we had a family of three behind us and the mama was close to having #4 and my heart went out to them as the dad tried to wrangle their youngest. i wanted to offer them some crayons and paper but didn't want to overstep any boundaries. kinda dumb i guess. i like sitting near the back with all the other families with little ones, since i know they won't care so much if my kids act like (horror!!) kids.

so, so, so, very happy for you about joe. little goosebumps raised and all. god is good.

Lovely post! I look forward to Ash Wednesday each year for many reasons, one of which is the Corinthians reading. It has special meaning for my husband and me; we chose it to be read at our wedding. I love this part:

"In an acceptable time I heard you,
and on the day of salvation I helped you. Behold, now is a very acceptable time;
behold, now is the day of salvation."

A blessed Lent to you, CJ.

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