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January 01, 2009


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beautiful, mama...

thank you and the happiest of new years to you and yours!

Oh, how nice, what a lovely Christmas story.

I did the same denial thing with my labor. I was determined I was not going to go into labor in the middle of the night and have to wake people up, so I blithely, ignorantly, labored alone (with my faithful German Shepherd, actually) until about 6am when I talked with my partner on the phone and couldn't get through a full sentence. He suggested I call the midwife and I thought it was the most novel idea EVER!

When she arrived my dog jumped off the bed (for the first time all night), ran out into the yard and barked his head off: "Finally! Someone is here to deal with this! I had no idea what to do!"

Great happiness and congratulations on your smooth birth and many felicitations for your family in the New Year.

I did the same with with my #5. I was ready to head to Border's, because the erratic contractions were getting on my nerves. As a matter of fact, everything was getting on my nerves (should have tipped me off), but I was stubborn. My husband convinced me to stop off at my midwife's office on the way to Border's, just so see if I was in labor. I was 7 cm. dilated. Can you imagine if I would have gone straight to Border's? "Woman gives birth in self help section of Borders."

Anyway, I love reading your story. Your little love is so very beautiful!

OH, what a cool beginning, wonderful to read and imagine... down to the I'm going to find my mama for some nonny ;-)

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