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January 04, 2009


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Oh...how I miss a baby in arms...
Hugs and kisses to everyone...
So very happy for all of you!
You are in my prayers...


Reading all about your new little one has made me so glad that I have a newborn of my own showing up in a month or so. Fussy Camilla's first months were incredibly tough on us and yet... and yet from where I am now it seems like it was all worth it for the time I got to spend nursing and cuddling her little newborn self. Good thing my next one is nearly grown enough to come out!

I also can't wait to take a bath with my new baby. Last time around it truly did not occur to me to do anything other than bathe the baby in her own tub, which she hated passionately, so I hated bath time too. I am much hoping that this new baby will like baths with mama and the whole thing will be much less of an ordeal for all of us.

kisses to your baby. I will just have to sigh and live vicariously! I love that newborn baby smell. It's the best fragrance ever!

So, so sweet. I'm so happy your transition is going so well, and for baby too! I'm still savoring my almost 2 year-old's baby-ness. Savor, savor, savor! It does go by so fast.

A curiousity question - I didn't realize Pete was still nursing. How is he adjusting to sharing the nonny? Is the new milk appealing to him or do you think he'll wean himself?

My second son smiled that early too! A real, social smile. I remember that my sister-in-law (who is a pediatrician) didn't believe me until she saw it for herself. He was the most smiley baby I've ever seen and even now (at age 5) he can light up a room with his smile. Love how you're savoring this beautiful time!


How lovely! I would have stressed out to no end as well if a newborn of mine had slept for 7 or 8 hours. I think I would have actually freaked out! (because Kelvin wouldn't latch on, only sleep, was badly jaundiced, got nearly dehydrated, we "finger fed" some formula, he got totally nipple confused and it took a whole month for him to finally learn how to latch on and nurse... sigh).

Anyway, as fellow tandem nurser, I was also going to ask about how it was going, but Karen already did. My question would be different, however, more on the lines of, did you tandem nurse with the other ones too? How did it go on each case? How weaning went? (I told Kelvin to stop one week after his 4th birthday, that's how it was with us).

Tandem nursing post coming up soon!

oh, lucky miss olga, and lucky you.

Oh! What a lovely girl. Congratulations!!!

Oh, baby heaven. Love to you both.

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