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January 22, 2009


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Morpheme addiction. So very, very sad. You start with a little, in a controlled environment, but soon enough it takes over your life.

I wish I spent my time in junior high school diagramming sentences.
Instead, I was too busy cutting out posters from Teen Beat magazine to tape on my wall :(
Michael J Fox was adorable, but he isn't helping me with my dissertation at all...

Typepad ate my comment before. So I will summarize.

I think I missed my calling because this sounds so cool to me. I am fascinated watching J (now 2 1/2) learn to talk. For a while, "2" was anything more than "1". I still remember the time I told him to put different socks on and he told me "I have socks on. Already." THe Already came out after a hesitation, like he was making sure this was the word he really wanted and it fit the application. So cool.

That said, that's a LOT of transcripts. Slow and steady wins this race, that's for sure.

Interesting to know that I am now an adjective. :)

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