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January 11, 2009


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sigh. that was a fabulous photo montage. you have a lovely family!

What a wonderful glimpse into your family! I love the helpful, loving, big-brother shots the most.

she is so lovely and it's a great pic of you all too. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for that! What a beautiful family, and she is just perfect.

Thanks for sharing the pictures -- they are all wonderful. Love the big brothers. And the stripes. Your ability to multi-task is truly astounding.

How fun are the photos! Thanks for sharing (and, since I have been tardy with commenting -- thanks for sharing the birth story and all the post-partum anecdotes)!

What beautiful photos. I loved the Gladly female one. It reminds me of when my almost-3 yr old daughter (our youngest after two boys) climbs into my lap and says "Mama, let's read together--just the girls. We're the girls!" I am over the moon about my boys... but how I love times with "just the girls." Enjoy!

Wonderful, wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

Clementine cake, huh? Is that the Nigella Lawson recipe?

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