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December 11, 2008


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I remember diligently cleaning the towel racks while nesting. And not thinking there was anything weird about it at all. In fact, I couldn't understand why everybody looked at me so funny when I told them what I'd been doing.

Sometimes I wish I would get pregnant again just so I could have that energetic cleaning frenzy. Other reasons too of course.

"Fuzzy end goes down, sweetie." Now THAT is a saying I can get behind.
I'm only 24 weeks along and my husband came home today to find me hip-deep in rearranging the basement.
"Nesting, are we?" he said.
"It's not NESTING if something is WRONG," I responded.
And then I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to run all the teeny tiny lego parts through the dishwasher.
I think "don't feed the crazy" is a saying my husband could get behind.

Laughing like crazy -- the situation came through loud and clear!

Well, if you want a reason to not feel guilty or go through all the trouble with the car seat, they generally expire after 6 years (I guess the foam deteriorates?) so it might be time to buy a new one after all. Even if it's not 6 now, perhaps it will be by the time your little one has outgrown it?

Just go get a new carseat, CJ. Donate the old one to some worthy cause, or freecycle it, and go buy a new one. You can get a pink one this time. That'll be a novelty.

That was hilarious! Brings back memories of my crazy cleaning time.

I'm with Summer--go buy a new carseat. Consider how weak the latches might be that hold the carseat to the base if you've used it for a number of years. I used the same carseat for Thomas and Anna. Then I ditched it when I considered how many times it had been latched and unlatched for two babies. Henry has his own carseat. But you may not want to listen to me on this. I can bring the crazy with carseat safety and I don't even need to be pregnant.

Fire isn't your only concern with baking plastic. Consider all those fumes! And you thought lead was your only worry.

Cj, I just like imagining you on your sidewalk, looking with satisfaction at the smoldering rubble of your house, and pronouncing it "Clean!"

we always felt ripped off that our kids came well before i ever really had the chance to nest...ok, my husband was the one who was really disappointed...he had fantasies of me cleaning grout with a toothbrush or something else ridiculous like vacuuming or doing laundry or something...

ps there is another poster on moxie that uses CJ and she referenced a newborn and i rushed over here all like wth??? whew...

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