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December 15, 2008


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Praying for you and your acrobatic baby.

I believe our daughters are kindred spirits, CJ! My saucy girl turned every which way but down, but my devoted midwives finally coaxed her out. I had an external version at 41 weeks and they did have me wear an abdominal binder to keep her in place. It mostly worked, except that she kept moving her head around-- they even found her nose poking through my cervix at one point. I think she experimented with every undeliverable presentation in the book. I am so thankful for my patient midwives! I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. Peace to you.

I always go past my due date too. Have been a week past 5 times running now--and yet STILL when I hit 38 wks this time (last Wed), I began obsessing about 'what if it happens today? what isn't done yet??'

Thinking of you in your home stretch and wishing you just what the priest did.

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