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December 17, 2008


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You are so smart! Wonderful. May you have a blessed birth.

"Elective opiate use in pregnancy is (reasonably) viewed as unconscionable, but elective opiate use in labor is perfectly normal. Recommended, even."

Completely different, CJ, and I suspect you know this. Opiates used for epidurals and even IM do not cross the placenta, causing no harm to the baby.

I would also like to clarify that going into labor, being pregnant, has inherent risks, no matter where you are.

I am quite glad to hear that she is head down.

Your analogy is apt and wise.

Hm, Sarabeth, I'm happy to agree that pregnancy and labor pose inherent risks, and happy to agree that there are important benefits to labor anesthesia and analgesia. But I do think that opiates cross the placenta, whether they are delivered as part of an epidural or as an IM analgesic.

I love your sledgehammer/nutcracker analogy! It seems like a kid with a full box of toys - gotta use 'em all - EFM, AROM, Pitocin, etc...

I'm currently 39 weeks, 5 days. I'm using an OB for this, my 3rd birth because it's my husband's first child and insurance requires an OB. I've got a whole set of risk factors for this one, too.

But, my main point was that I've heard the same 10 in an hour for movement, but that's just odd. Babies in utero have to sleep sometimes, don't they?


I love your entries -- they always make me reflect and are incredibly informative!

That said, I am so, so glad to live in the province of Ontario, where midwifery is fully covered by our heatlh care plan. There are waiting lists because the demand is higher than the supply, but I am so happy to have been able to enter midwife care. I started out with an OB who seemed very nice but who viewed me as some distant audience member in the play that would be delivery. The midwives are just amazing, and have a much more gentle, nutcracker-wielding approach.

Good luck as you go through the next few weeks. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Very interesting post. I thought it was quite natural, especially in second pregnancies and beyond, for the baby not to engage in the pelvis until labor is imminent. I bet she'll know what to do!

Oh, it is very natural for babies to engage late in the game in later pregnancies. It's not so common for them to be turning transverse at this point, and that's what has me a little worried. But she's been in the right position since Tuesday night, so I'm feeling less concerned. :-)

As a former OB nurse, I am hesitant to admit that there are ever "important benefits to labor anesthesia and analgesia" for a normal delivery. Of course women have a right to pain meds and epidurals if they wish to have them. But they also have a right to the truth. I have seen more complications caused by medical interference than by attentive, natural birth. Life is full of risks - and medical interference in a natural birth only increase those risks. (I am struggling very hard to not launch into a long lecture on the subject, so I will stop here.)

You go, CJ. Tell the truth and have a beautiful little girl when she and you are ready.

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