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November 16, 2008


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Okay, now I've read that birthstory and I'm crying too.

Pregnancy is hard. It's long and it's uneasy at times. It's worth it, but it still is hard.

I'm still praying. These last weeks are the hardest part and you've got a lot of other things on your plate as well.

And yes - He IS sovereign. He is gracious and good, and He is with you. Even when your ankle is hurt - I'm so sorry!

I'm at 24 weeks and sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, rolling it as I missed the last stair and was carrying my toddler. It swelled a little, not much bruising, but it is refusing to really get better. Of course, I'm sure that toddler wrestling has not helped with my recovery (there are just some things you can't let go). And now the other ankle is feeling neglected and has started complaining too. What a blessing that the older boys were so helpful. When I hurt mine, my husband was out and I asked dd to bring me the phone and all I got was a "No."

Oh boy, do I remember that. Probably because it still bothers me on long walks. My symphysis injury came at the end of my first pregnancy with my 10'1 little boy. With my next two pregnancies the pain began before the end of the first trimester and I could barely walk by the end. It HURTS. Not to mention that my OB never even acknowledged the pain I was in...
I'm so excited for you to see your daughter's face!

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