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November 06, 2008


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I keep looking at my raggedy house, sighing, and thinking, "eh, maybe I'll get to that during the nesting."
It had better be one powerful nesting, lemme tell you.

ps I mentioned you in my latest post.

oh, wow, you sound very productive. I guess I should go and eat a salad RIGHT NOW!!!

I'm sorry for the lack of responsiveness from your director. I have tons of experience with that... it's part of the reason why it took me THREE YEARS to finally finish and defend the dissertation. You know... sometimes I can hardly believe that I've done it.

Anyway, at the pace that you were going I think you're going to have no problem at all to finish (new baby and all) -- you're very good at meeting your deadline and working, unlike me. You'll do it and I'll be very proud.

(unfinished thought at the end of my comment)... and I'll be very proud of yet another Mama Ph.D., one that heroically had a baby while also "birthing" a dissertation.

Good luck with the FoO!

For me (primipara), I no longer have any doubt how many days there are until my due date. It coincides with the Obama inaguration, so every news organization ON EARTH informs me that there are 74 days until January 20th. Too funny!

Oh, the Bionicles. I can only imagine your house with 4 boys -- I only have 1, and it's bad enough. There are days I can't walk through my livingroom without stepping on legos.

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