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November 13, 2008


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So glad to hear the baby is in good position and your anemia is better. I can really relate to your worry about baby gymnastics, so I'll say a prayer for you and your baby girl. My daughter is also my youngest after boys, an unexpected NFP blessing. She was quite the gymnast and turned herself breech at the end of my pregnancy. I was constantly fretting about her, worrying about the cord and wondering why she was moving around so much. Now we know we've just been blessed with a bundle of feminine energy! I remember the anxiety though, so I wish you peace these last few weeks.

That happened with Anna. She had the cord wrapped around her neck (tightly), her torso, an arm AND a leg. All of this meant that I had an emergency c-section. Ah, well. Not ideal, but we both made it through.

Good luck! Sounds like you can expect a feisty little girl!

yeah for down!

I hear you on the worries though.

Praying for smooth sailing for the rest of the way.

Don't make your mama worry, baby....

Healthy baby. Healthy mama.

You will be fine, baby will be fine...
He will be watching over you every step of the way!

Three cheers for baby!

Thinking of all of you!

Good news on head-down and no-anemia.

It's the worry season. Try not to let it drag you down. Remember: the hospital is minutes away, and the odds are in your favor that you don't need to go there anyway.

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