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October 28, 2008


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did you know that if one clicks on something and come back, one's typing in the comment box goes away?

so to type again: I would read grumping. Besides you're in the third trimester, and a mom, and getting a Ph.D. - occasional grumping comes with the territory, I think.

And please do share the recipe. In grams or cups or whatever. I'll convert it if I need to. Why, yes, I'm craving chocolate intensely just now. Is it that obvious?

And... I forget the third thing I was going to type...


Steve Ballmer! That IS scary. He'll need less hair, a paunchy belly, and a button-down shirt. And if he can keep saying, "Developers, developers, developers" so much the better.

My husband should dress up like Steve Jobs and go trick or treating with him.

P.S. I always wanted to look really, really pregnant, but with my babies coming so early I never got to the fun part. I always delivered when I was just looking bloated, or just pudgy.

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