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October 01, 2008


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What a cute sweater!

I agree about wearing a lot of green if your mother is a redhead. Sadie is actually opposite of me with her dark skin and hair. She looks great in the bright pinks and reds that I have always avoided. It took awhile to get used of shopping for her.

I love seeing other people's knitting projects! I'm always busy with something myself (though I sadly lack a digital camera for showing them off).

I know you asked a few weeks ago about favorite soaker patterns, and I meant to leave my two cents, but I think I was trying out a new pattern at the time and wanted to see how well I liked it. My new favorite (having never tried any but the free patterns, mostly because I don't have circular needles yet) is the Flowerpot Tots pattern (http://www.dunmani.plus.com/newflower/files/FlowerpotTotsDKShortiesAndLongies.pdf). I've used it to make both shorties and longies, and I am really happy with the way they fit my little girl :).

Oops! It cut off the URL. You can find them on Ravelry, though, under "Flowerpot Tots" :). I think the lady who wrote the pattern also has it posted on a blog somewhere...

I LOVE the socks, LOVE the wrap, and the baby sweater is just too cute for words.

You look great too, btw :-)

Beautiful Stole! I bet you did just block it differently on the ends. And the socks turned out great!

Mmm, we have such similar taste in knitting projects! I think I've put almost all of those on my to-do wish list. Beautiful!

Just lovely!

Wasn't that a great sock pattern? I think it was the way it knit up so FAST that charmed me the most (because I am crass that way).

I think I may try that stole for Christmas knitting, too. Because all the stuff on my needles isn't enough variety for my distracted knitting tendencies.

When did you find out the baby is a girl?! How could I have missed the discovery scan?! Congratulations on gaining that additional piece of information about the new baby, and reaching 29 weeks, too!

Good post.

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