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September 18, 2008


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Anxiety dreams are the worst. But this post made me laugh... especially the inclusion of tinntinnabulation (we just memorized the first stanza of "The Bells.") I will pray that God's peace will overwhelm the anxiety you've been experiencing.

Sounds like a clear case of hormones to me.

Oh, anxiety dreams ARE the worst. I've had a couple lately where my usual "this is just a dream" awareness was GONE, and those dreams haunted me all day.

You have my sympathies. Really, I'm shuddering a little just with this reminder of my own encounters with that particular type of dream.

My stress dreams always include my teeth falling out. Mid sentence, and I am spitting my teeth into my hand. I have had this dream, in multiple variations, hundreds of times, and yet never know it is a dream until I wake up, and thankfully run my tongue over my teeth to make sure they are present and accounted for. My only consolations is that maybe the release of having such a dream prevents some major real time melt down I might have had.

Hehe, pregnancy dreams are crazy. A month before my daughter was born I dreamt I had a beautiful boy with blond ringlets. He started walking when he was a week old. Everyone was so impressed and told me my son was a genius but I was furious because I was NOT ready for a mobile child. I was too tired from birth to chase around my just-born child. I, too, was grateful when I woke up. I think when we're stressed and our hormones are raging our dreams get especially nutty. I hope you get some peaceful sleep soon (or as peaceful as it can get when you have to go to the bathroom all night).

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