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September 23, 2008


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I only know, from friends, the incredibly hassle of state licensing. It makes me inclined to think that the costs of renewing are far less troublesome than the costs of re-upping later. But a lot depends on your particular daily budget, no?

Damn middle-aged adulthood -- accepting I might be closing a door forever is such a hard thing to accept.

I admire you, really, for going after a Ph.D. now. Mine is useless, but then, again, it's all I have. If I were you I wouldn't count on an academic job, but maybe it's better in your area than in mine. It's nearly impossible to find non-adjunct work in the humanities. OK, gotta go to bed. I'm so curious about the post you removed (your son's story)... if you have a minute, would you email it to me? ;-)

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