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August 04, 2008


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Oh - congratulations! What wonderful news! Are the boys excited?

I hope to have daughters, too, so I can share the Anne books.

What wonderful news! A healthy boy would have been wonderful news, too, of course, but this turn of events is special beyond measure.

Congrats! :D

It's going be amazing. Somebody told me it was going to be like my first all over again, and it is!

Congratulations! A boy would have been wonderful too, but there's something special about a daughter.

And now you just have to prepare an answer for all those people who are going to say to you, "Had to keep trying until you got a girl, huh?" ;-)

Congratulations CJ :)

Blessings on you, your husband, and the little one (and her brothers!!!)

So, so happy for you!

Congratulations! You are right, a little girl will be different - not better, just different. I myself would love to have both boys and girls in the end but right now, I just revel in the girl I have.


hee hee hee

Seriously - congratulations again! That's cool!

Oh my goodness, what wonderful news for you and your family! A little girl. I have 3 boys myself, dontcha know, and I wouldn't change it for the world, but I am so happy for you!

Wonderful news! I've had my head down coping with a sick toddler the last 6 months but I'm so glad I stopped by here to get your GREAT news! I have 3 boys also - a girl would be a huge change for us too - praying for you.

My boys still love the photo of your 4 boys!!

I say there's nothing wrong with rejoicing that you get to have "some of each."

My third child is my first girl and, ohh, it's just so lovely.

Oh, she will be loved!

I hope she is healthy and happy and, if you're as excited about cucumber sandwiches as it appears, not *too* much of a tomboy. :)

Oh, sweetie. How fun!

Congratulations!! I was wondering if you were going to find out....

Oh, yay! I hate to admit it but I was secretly hoping for a little girl for you. :) Oh the boys, they are going to love her.... wow. Just imagine!

Tea parties! Little House! Anne! So many fun things.

Oh, what wonderful news. Congratulations!

I kept thinking that it's a girl - but to see you write it and to know it's true...

I know that you'd be a fine mom of five boys. And I for one would congratulate you and be thrilled for a new baby boy. but... I admit I was hoping that you'd be having a girl.

happy to hear that she's beautiful too :-).

Wonderful to see your news!

And warning...my two red headed daughters are not at all interested in Anne. ;-)

cheers from Ruth, whose girls are now 17 and nearly 14.5 years old. Yikes!

Congrats! Don't you love the wisdom of those little voices!

Happy Day!

Oh congratulations! Even though I know that you love having your boys, I am sure you will also love having a girl. And just think -- now you can use that girl's name you've been itching to use all this time. :)

Wow, that is exciting news. Somehow I knew this would be the result of a late ovulation, a crazy temperature chart, shingles, a road trip and a surprise pregnancy.

I hope your daughter gives you the tea parties you so deserve. She might also like the trucks and soldiers her brothers play with!

That's so exciting! A little boy would also be exciting, of course, but we can all use a bit of a change now and then :) I only have one baby so far and I was sure my whole pregnancy I was having a boy. When she was born I was excited about Anne and Little House books, too. I hope she likes them because I want to read them with her so badly!

Girls are different than boys. I have some of each, and they are all blessings, but they are very different from each other. Variety is the spice of life, so be prepared for some spice. I am so happy for you that the pregnancy is going well!

Congratulations! What a blessing.

How wonderful! My 2 yr old daughter is the third after two boys and we have such fun. I always wanted an older brother-- your daughter is very blessed in that department! Best of luck as you grow this little girl.

Oh, congratulations! What a loved little girl she will be with FOUR older brothers to look out for her (and my heart quakes a bit for her future boyfriends)!

And before you get too excited about lacy socks etc.--I have the tomboyest girl who is all energy and movement and who gets dirty and stringy-haired as quickly as possible and who I absolutely adore and wouldn't want any other way. When we found out Will was a boy, a few people said "Watch out, boys are crazy" and I just laughed thinking there is NO WAY a boy could best the activity level of his big sister. (I'm with you on the Anne books though, and Little House. I actually saw someone riding a bike the other day in full hipster uniform --topped with a sunbonnet. So It might be quite the trend by the time your darling is old enough to enjoy Little House!)

I'm so glad for you.

(Like you have a lot of time right now, but a Catholic-type question: It seems that everyone I know who declined to find out the sex of their unborn baby is Catholic, and some of that set were a bit sniffy to discover we found out both times. Is there some theological proscription on that I am not aware of? I was surprised, pleasantly so, to see you'd found out too).

WOW!!! Just WOW!!! This is just so beautiful and amazing! I say that because my mother-in-law had four boys (trying to have a girl), and now she has FIVE grandsons. I've always wanted, since I first thought I'd love to be a mother, to have a girl, and I had two boys. I'm really happy to have boys, though. Well, I wanted to write more, but I have to go read your most recent entries. I'm sorry you're having to go through that!

Congratulations, CJ! I've been reading you since the Selkie days. It has always seemed so bittersweet to me that your first miscarriage was a girl, and then you had your four boys . . . was there not to be a daughter for you? But ah, here she is.

I share your love of being a mother to boys (three for me, and I'm done) and I also have wished for the experience of mothering a girl. I'm delighted for you and your family and look forward to hearing all about this new baby and her impact on your lives.

heartiest congratulations to you! and may i say as a someone married to the 4th boy in his family that i'm the most blessed woman in the world because of it.

and i am praying for you with everything else going on in your life- ugh! take care, mama.

Ah HA. You posted this the day I flew off to California. That explains it!

Heartiest congratulations on your tea-party plans.

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