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July 16, 2008


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Sending virtual chocolate because that would drive me NUTS. I get upset when it doesn't all add up like it should. It's just not right!!

Spooky -- the same thing happened to us this month. My husband is the obsessive one, but we're both extremely bothered by this mystery $20 that we say we should have but the bank says we shouldn't. I don't know if it's better or worse that it's a nice round number, but we've done the math by hand, calculator, and spreadsheet more times than we can count. Crazy.

I feel your pain!!

Once long ago when I was a church treasurer I got laughed at for apologizing for a monthly financial statement that was off by a penny. I feel for you! Sending virtual Callebaut or Lindt, your choice.
(By the way, I finally tracked that sucker down.;-D )

Last time that happened to me, I had written the wrong amount in the amount paid. So my math was right, but I was working with the wrong number. It's easier to be have one digit wrong than $24.92 though, so that's unlikely to be your problem today. It drives me crazy when I can't make them balance. Is there a transaction that the bank has factored into the balance but hasn't put into its list of deposits/withdrawals? I often have a one day delay when the bank says my balance is $X, but it has factored in a paycheck that arrived that day without listing it yet. That doesn't happen on the monthly statements, just the online listing. I wish my bank would keep track of the balance with every deposit/credit, but it only gives a total at the top and says how much has been added and removed with each transaction.

Fellow obsessive, though I have gotten better (or worse, depending on the perspective) at convincing myself not to search out the missing pennies.

Good luck. $24.92 sounds like it might be two errors: an even $25 and a naughty 8 cents.

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