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June 25, 2008


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That is very, very cool. I'm interesting in hearing how this all pans out!

Seems like it's meant to be. What an awesome email out of the blue like that. Glad she leans in the latter direction -- making it easier to be both.

That is just plain fabulous. Congratulations!

How many weeks are you now?

15 today. :-)

Love it! Love it! Love it!

When you bring intention to something; it usually comes your way...

Have you watched The Secret yet? It's a little new age-y; but so inspirational!

what an incredible blessing for you- prayers of thanksgiving that you are clearly on the path God is calling you towards.

I too am blessed to have an adviser that has children (rare in a religious univ/rel ed grad program to be sure) and he consistently goes to bat for me. can you believe he's the only one who knew i was pregnant with the bean? i wished that academia would have been better than the business world when it came to compassion for parents but alas i have found that it is, in fact, worse in many, many ways (for both sexes).

keep being my inspiration as a supermama/ABD doc student, CJ- and may you continue to be abundantly blessed on your journey.

It's very cool. Living by faith is a pretty amazing gift.
When I was pregnant with my first I was in school trying to finish my BA, and it went about 50/50 with the professors. Some were super supportive (I had awful morning sickness), and some just wanted nothing to do with my "excuses." Sadly, those were mostly the women!

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