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June 09, 2008


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I had this conversation with Dad in the fall. It ended when I suggested we name new baby "Jesus George Elvis"

I should enlist his help in naming our baby. We've got nothin'. At least, nothing for a girl.

we have tons for a girl!!

nearly nothing for this boy, who i imagine will be making an appearance soon...the name i always wanted my husband is against the formal version for (think, gospel writer, not synoptic) and when i thought about how that formal version is pronounced in the part of the world where his whole family is from (think, middle daughter from the brady bunch) i shuddered. middle name it is, i guess. the closest one we have for a first name right now is after moses' successor who brought the israelites into canaan. it will go well with our last name, and pnuts first name, but i just don't know yet.

i'm hoping when we meet him he will tell us who he is!

When I was pregnant we had a great time thinking of the worst baby names possible. I tried my best to tell people with a straight face that we were going to name the baby Odd Llewellyn. Odd for the Scandinavian side, Llewellyn for the Welsh side.

I loved naming our babies. We would go over and over and over the list, and then, finally like lightening, one would hit us and we would know it was the one.

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