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May 05, 2008


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Frankly, all of your ideas sound wonderful to me. A terrific way to celebrate the completion of your work.

And I can totally relate to the Placenta effect. I forget how to spell and construct grammatically correct sentences.

Lately I've been rewarding myself with Scrabulous...how fun to have six Scrabble games going simultaneously with friends around the country! :) Are you on Facebook? (e-mail me if you are!)

How about a bubble bath award?

I hated the nausea of the first 4 months so badly that I'm having trouble reading your blog, LOL! And I was in grad school during my first pg; I can totally relate to your worries. I didn't get so spacy, just completely unmotivated. Who cared about nanoindenters and a possible fiber push test for material characterization when I was gestating an actual human being? ;-)

I was terrified that my defense would consist of the committee spitting upon chapter 4, since that one was written between weeks 29-37 of the pregnancy. I had no idea what to say if they started taking it apart - "sorry, but I was too busy gestating to remember that a complete sentence needs a verb"? In the end, of course, that was the chapter they thought was the most focused...

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