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May 26, 2008


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We're having a lemonade stand at the end of our farm lane today. Even the 'big road' around here is pretty remote, so low expectations are the name of the game!

First hour: laundry started-- one load in the washer and one in the dryer. Vacuumed the downstairs, which takes a surprisingly long time when a person hasn't vacuumed in a month. A month! Ugh!

Smote the wall where the turtle tank used to live with my mighty Magic Eraser, eradicating the nasty green tinge. Likewise smote the toilet and the sink in the downstairs bathroom. Why oh why do small boys have such bad aim? I do not understand why it is so complicated to pee in the actual toilet and not on the vanity, the floor, the toilet brush cover, and perhaps down the laundry chute though I have not investigated that possibility too closely.

Cleaned front entryway mat and back entryway stairs, which were BEYOND filthy.

Haven't yet eaten and a little shaky, so stopping for food.

Went to Mass this morning -- ours were the only kids present who were not accompanied by their grandparents. ;) Two loads of laundry done (well, the second one is in the dryer) and we're gearing up for a day of spackling, sanding and taping. And I have a second garden bed to build, since the first is almost full and we haven't even been able to plant half of our veggies yet because it's been so freaking cold.

Not today though! It's beautiful!

Have a great day -- I can barely imagine what I'd accomplish if I had the entire day alone in my house!

I got a couple of pages drafted and typed up before lunch and I'm off to try to duplicate the feat.

I think we're doing exactly the same thing except you have more children and still haven't completely given up on housework, supersister.

With the rest of the morning: stripped all beds and washed all sheets, most mattress pads, one duvet cover. Cleaned out the shoe basket by the front door and bleached its filthsome foul disgusting liner. Vacuumed porch mats; finished up in the back entryway by cleaning walls, baseboards, door. Needs a new coat of paint but that's not going to happen today. :-)

Finished the smiting of the downstairs bathroom and resolved to invite the boys to smite the bathroom instead of clean it in the future because it is much more fun to smite with my mighty right hand than to just clean with it. Don't know if that will hold true for people not hopped up on pregnancy hormones, but it's worth a shot.

Cleaned out half my email inbox (the easy half). Took a rosary break. Ate. Dealt with some clutter in a desultory fashion. Now back to work.

Hope everybody's having a lovely day, with lemonade stand and gardening and dissertation all coming along swimmingly.

In the past two hours, I have washed all the laundry in the house (one last load is waiting for the dryer to finish its current cycle).

I cleaned the kitchen garbage can, and the wall and floor around it, and the baseboard all the way back to the fridge. Ick.

I cleaned the stairwell. I was just going to vacuum the carpet, which is kind of a no-man's-land since I vacuum the downstairs and the boys vacuum the upstairs and no one vacuums the actual stairs, meaning they had acquired an alarming accretion of dust, hair, and birdseed (???). But then I was inspired to hit the heavily fingerprinted walls with my Mighty Magic Eraser, and WOW! I am having a little nesting buzz just thinking about it.

I am out of mighty Magic Erasers now.

I read two-fifths of a long and fascinating article, which is a fun milestone since it's the First Article I Have Read For My Dissertation. Am reading, really.

If I don't stop cleaning for a while, I am not going to get my stuff done for school. Let's see if I can be as productive at the computer as I have been elsewhere...

am impressed and a wee bit jealous of all your cleaning progress!! wow!! although i have been nesting a bit as well- cleaned the outside of our washer and dryer yesterday. weird.

have been going back and forth between outside to clean out bits of beds to finally plant more of the flats of impatiens purchased on mothers day! go outside, work a small patch, come inside to get feet up and stretch out/snack/drink/get circulation going again. my husband keeps telling to take it easy, then has a suggestion as to how i could be doing the job differently. hmm.

while inside trying to get some research done and just doing the daily stuff. my husband is finishing up the sheetrock in our closet, then in to the bathrooms.

glad you are enjoying your article- read a chapter in a book yesterday that made me want to gouge my eyes out- i kept yelling "get to the point! what exactly is your point?" ugh.

got up at 3 a.m. took quick shower. finished loading car. put kids in car. DH and I drove from southern Illinois to northern Louisiana. Arrived home about 40 minutes ago. Sat down at computer and looked at millions of e-mail and blog feeds.

that's my day so far...

Hi pnuts mama! Hi Tracy!

I now have intro and methods done and conclusions started for my poster draft, and finally blasted through the mental block keeping me from beginning the results section. I have a Figure 1, huzzah!

Found more skulking laundry, ugh, but it is now all clean and feeling penitential. Perhaps I should pause and get a grip if I am ascribing remorseful feelings to my laundry.

75% of the way through that article and it's still totally fascinating. Forty pages is a whole lot of scholarly writing, though.

Off to blast some music, make beds with the happy clean sheets, and fold laundry for a while.

Tracy, just noticed you got up at 3am! Blech! Hope you are napping.

NB: Spackling in a room you've just vacuumed is not the brightest idea.

Ugh. Losing steam. Getting queasy. Going to take ten minutes to sit down with a glass of ginger ale.

One more hour...

Must get sheets on the beds -- got sidetracked earlier.

Must bake cupcakes for the kindergarten class treat tomorrow.

It would be nice to finish the folding. Wow, can six people generate a lot of laundry.

I'm also going to push to get this poster draft out to my advisor tonight.

But I'm tired and headachy and intermittently queasy (allergic drip + nausea = unpleasant gagginess), so we'll just have to see.

no nap. but heading to bed now. went to Boy Scout Court of Honor at 5. DS14 is now a Star Scout (next is Life, then Eagle!). Got DS4 to sleep, heading to bed soon. Just unwinding for a bit first...

Laundry/unpacking is for tomorrow.

Hope you feel better.

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