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May 11, 2008


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I need to read the article about taking kids to church! Where can I get this magazine? I am SO at a loss about how to take our 22-month old to mass. The last time we went was at my grandma's funeral 3 months ago (not the best circumstances, obviously) and all he wanted to do was RUN and SCREAM. How do you take a very active toddler to church and still get something out of it?

I'm sure it's a very good publication. When you mentioned the spread of St. Paul, I envisioned a fold out picture of a stained-glass St. Paul with his hand raised in blessing. I wonder how many college dorm walls THAT would get taped to!

I'm glad that the editor was able to clarify the magazine's position. As breastfeeding moms, it seems like there is little encouragment to simply do what you NEED to do that it's easy to feel that a statement like that is more hurtful than is likely intended.

I'm glad Faith and Family supports mothers' right to breastfeed at Mass. Still, your post was very helpful and encouraging. I'm glad you shared the magazine's response to your post, but you also have excellent points that were helpful to many. The Catholic Nurisng Mothers League (http://www.catholicbreastfeeding.org) chat list discussed it briefly and several women on the list felt affirmed and helped by the way you articulated the issues.

It is helpful to bring this up because moms need to feel comfortable nursing at Mass, and even if a magazine article only SEEMS to suggest that there might be a problem with this, moms need to hear that it is okay. I'm glad your post gave Faith and Family a chance to be clear about that.

After all, who needs to be at Mass to receive the graces there more than a nursing mother!?! Moms need to feel free to come AND to meet their babies' needs.

I'm so glad you like the magazine. I've written two articles for them to be published late summer and early fall.

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