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May 14, 2008


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CJ, I get those gloomy feelings too right before the first ultrasound. I understand.

I hear you. At my 12 wk prenatal they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat with the doptone (sp?). I had to go in for an ultrasound that afternoon. Peter was out of town for work, too. Turns out the baby was just crazy busy practicing his/her prenatal aerobics.

And what is it with husbands traveling during the first trimester? Peter had two week long business trips during my first trimester this time! There should be a law.

Ahhh, I remember my own 9-week "I'm doomed" episode. No fun. We are praying for you this morning!

praying for you! But I do think it will be fine. On the other hand, I'll be back again and again until you tell us it IS fine.

{{{big hugs}}}

Praying for you...

my mom used to always say 'quick like a bunny' and now i find myself saying it to pnut as well...reminds me of her...

praying all goes well w/ the sono...

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