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May 15, 2008


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Yea! Hugs. Big sigh of relief.

Yay! So glad you got to see your new little one and reassure yourself.

Bacon and jalapeno? Yikes. That sure sounds like pregnant-lady food to me.

Here's to hoping it goes well with MIL for you.

Yay! Good news!

I'm happy for you, and I'm glad the ultrasound went well. In the early days, when all you've got is the gross feelings, a little smudge wiggling on a screen can be very reassuring.

does me good to read this after a day when I had to give a loved patient the bad news at her first US. Hate that part of the job. Hate it hate it. If I could do nothing but catch chubby babies and give them to their moms my days would be complete.

"No wonder I'd had trouble finding the heart -- I was looking for it in the brain."

Heh. That line sums up the story of my life really, really well.

Has nothing to do with ultrasounds though.

Whew. I'm so glad for you.

smiling for you- so glad!

made me laugh '7th pg only 4th sono' - we've been having sono's every other week for months to keep an eye on this little guy and make sure i'm still keeping him in there well enough. decided britney spears is probably the only person more photographed than him right now...i can't say i mind, such a relief to see that little heart beating away...


Hooray! The sun's out today, too! Just for you:)

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