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April 04, 2008


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That is so exciting! Your idea was right! You should be doing a happy dance right now, I think. Yay!!

Hooray! and don't drop out of your doctoral program...Because you are my inspiration!!!

From a mom of one in a doctoral program with four part time jobs :)

that is truly awesome.

and ugh, i would so prefer to drop out of the mundane daily activities vs. my dissertation writing/research. it's those little things that are annoying and keep me from my work, which is interesting!

Yay!! You can do it! I finally finished my thesis last fall (with 2 small ones), and I miss having it as part of my life ... sometimes. I agree about dropping out of laundry folding :) Plus, I can't wait to find out about your idea that is proving right--having read your posts for a while, I'm sure it's a fascinating one, and I look forward to publication!!


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